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What to Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Off: Emergency Care

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what to do if your dental crown falls off emergency care

A dental crown is a common dental restoration that can enhance the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth. However, there may be instances where a dental crown unexpectedly falls off, causing concern and discomfort.

While this situation can be alarming, knowing what to do and seeking prompt care can help alleviate the issue. Talk to your dentist to find out more about what you should do if your dental crown falls off and how to handle the situation with ease.

  1. Stay Calm

The first and most crucial step is to stay calm. Losing a dental crown can be unsettling, but panicking will only make the situation more stressful. Take a deep breath and remember that a displaced dental crown is a common issue that can be addressed with the right steps.

  1. Assess the Situation

Examine the crown and the underlying tooth to assess the extent of the damage. If the tooth is still intact and the crown is in relatively good condition, you may be able to address the issue at home temporarily.

However, if there is significant damage to the tooth or dental crowns in NE Calgary, it’s essential to seek professional dental care as soon as possible.

  1. Temporary Measures at Home

If the crown appears undamaged and the tooth is not causing severe pain, you can attempt to reattach the crown temporarily. Clean both the crown and the tooth thoroughly with warm water to remove any debris.

Apply a small amount of dental adhesive or over-the-counter temporary cement to the inside of the crown and carefully place it back onto the tooth. Bite down gently to ensure a secure fit.

  1. Avoid DIY Fixes

While temporary fixes can be helpful in certain situations, it’s crucial to avoid using household glues or other adhesives not designed for dental use. These substances may contain harmful chemicals and can cause more harm than good.

Stick to dental adhesives specifically designed for temporary crown reattachment.

  1. Contact Your Dentist

Even if you’ve successfully reattached the crown at home, it’s crucial to contact your dentist as soon as possible. DIY crown dental solution is temporary, and professional evaluation is necessary to ensure a proper and long-lasting fix.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist to address the issue and discuss a permanent solution.

  1. Keep the Crown Clean

If the crown cannot be reattached or if you’ve chosen not to attempt a temporary fix, keep the crown clean and safe. Please place it in a small container or plastic bag and bring it with you to your dental appointment.

Keeping the crown clean ensures that your dentist can assess its condition and determine the best course of action.

  1. Manage Pain and Sensitivity

If the exposed tooth is sensitive or painful, over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate discomfort. Additionally, avoiding hot or cold foods and drinks can help minimize sensitivity until you receive professional dental care.

  1. Follow Your Dentist’s Advice

During your dental appointment, your dentist will assess the situation and recommend the appropriate treatment. It may involve reattaching the existing crown, creating a new one, or exploring alternative solutions depending on the condition of the tooth and crown.

Follow your dentist’s advice to ensure a successful and lasting restoration.

In Conclusion

Experiencing a dental crown falling off can be an unexpected and concerning situation, but knowing how to handle it can make a significant difference. Staying calm, assessing the situation, and promptly seeking teeth crowns consultation are essential steps in ensuring the best outcome.

By following these guidelines, you can navigate this dental emergency with ease and restore your smile to its full health and functionality.

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