Mouth Guards Near You

Sometimes, maintaining your oral health goes beyond good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly. For some people, oral health can be impacted by other factors that might seem surprising, like sports, activities, and even personal habits.

mouth guards in ne Calgary

Custom Mouth Guards

Many sports, like football, rugby, or hockey, carry the risk of oral injuries. And teeth grinding, also known as “bruxism”, can have a huge negative impact on teeth, as it can cause cracks and chips in the teeth as well as other damage.

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent these harmful effects. Sports guards near you and bite appliances can be specially made to fit your mouth, and are extremely effective against injury and damage.

mouth guards near you

Protecting Your Teeth

We provide custom mouth guards near you to protect your mouth from injuries. When worn regularly, flexible plastic sports guards, made from molds of your mouth and custom fitted for you, absorb the shock waves from blows to the mouth area, protecting your teeth and jaws the way a helmet protects your head. If you participate in contact sports, a sports guard is a smart investment in your long-term oral health, and can save you a lot of pain and trouble in the bargain!

Bite Appliances

Bite appliances work very similarly to sports guards in NE Calgary, AB, as they are made from the same materials and specially made for your mouth. Bruxism is particularly common at night, so most bite appliances are made to be worn while sleeping, preventing your jaws from biting down and grinding the teeth together. Our office offers comfortable mouth guards in NE Calgary that are incredibly effective in preventing harmful damages of bruxism.

Looking for Mouth Guards Near You?

If you’re wondering whether a sports guard or bite appliance might be right for you, ask us at your next visit! We provide custom mouth guards in NE Calgary. We’re always happy to talk over your options and find a solution that’s right for you.