Sedation Dentistry Near You

It’s been estimated that up to 20% of people in Canada are afraid of the dentist, a fear known as “dental anxiety” or “odontophobia”. Even the most level-headed of people can become overcome with fear at the idea of a dentist’s appointment, and if it’s severe enough, it prevents people from attending a routine checkup and oral hygiene visits and even from seeking help for dental issues. Avoiding the dentist doesn’t avoid the issues, of course.

Skipping your regular appointments, not to mention ignoring warning signs of decay or other problems in your mouth, can lead to big trouble. We offer sedation dentistry in NE Calgary to relieve our patients of anxiety when undergoing dental procedures. With correct sedation methods, a patient can receive the dental treatment they need without any of the pain or anxiety. At Sunridge Landing Dental, we offer two types of sedation:

sedation dentistry in ne calgary

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is the mildest and most common form of dental sedation near you and is sometimes even used with children to help them get through fillings or other procedures. The dentist will prescribe a pill to be taken about an hour before the appointment, which will calm the patient and help them to be comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Oral sedation may sometimes cause drowsiness, but doesn’t “knock you out”.

IV Sedation

This more extensive form of sedation is delivered via an IV line and allows the patient to sleep through the procedure completely. Recovery time is quick, and the patient remains both pain- and anxiety-free through the appointment.

For patients with dental phobias, anxieties, or low pain thresholds, sedation dentistry in NE Calgary, AB is a fantastic and modern option.

If you’re looking for a dental clinic that offers sedation dentistry near you, look no further than Sunridge Landing Dental Care! Contact us to learn more.