Breakthrough Technology Near You

At Sunridge Landing Dental Care, we are proud to offer Solea® near you. This powerful dental laser replaces the traditional dental drill used for most procedures. Solea® dental laser is free from pain, vibration, and noise. Solea® also prevents the need for anesthesia.

solea dental laser

What is Solea®?

Solea® dental laser is the first CO2 system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures. Using a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers, it delivers nearly painless dental procedures used for both teeth and gums, ranging from simple cavity preparation to complex surgeries. Solea ®️ laser in NE Calgary, AB will provide you with a positive and unique dental experience when you visit our dental office near you.

Why Solea®?

Most soft and hard tissue procedures performed at our dental office don’t require anesthesia, and soft tissue procedures are presented with nearly no bleeding. Blood and anesthesia-free procedures are a significant advancement in dentistry as your dentist can execute multi-quadrant dentistry in one dental appointment. This saves you the time and pain accompanied by traditional drills. Not only that, Solea®️ is much less invasive than using a traditional handpiece, which causes healing time to be more rapid. Solea®️ laser in NE Calgary, AB allows you to return to work, school, or home without a numb sensation following anesthesia.

Our office uses Solea®️ dental lasers in NE Calgary to provide our patients with painless, non-invasive treatments. If you have any questions about receiving treatment with Solea®️ dental lasers near you, please contact us.