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What Makes Dental Implants Such a Good Option?

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makes dental implants such a good option

Tooth loss is caused by an enormous variety of factors. Some of them are poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, injury, and infection. No matter how your tooth loss was caused, it can be solved — permanently — with dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants near you are made up of three pieces. The first element is a post made from titanium that is screwed into your jaw where the jaw bone accepts that biocompatible titanium post as a natural root. The process of osseointegration bonds that post to your jaw, and actually stimulates your body to grow new and healthy bone tissue.

The second element of implants — an abutment — is attached to the post once you have healed from your implant surgery. The abutment serves as the connecting piece between the titanium post and the final element, the restoration. A restoration is the replacement piece that will fill the gap in your jaw. Most commonly, those restorations are artificial teeth, implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported crowns that hold teeth designed to blend with your natural teeth, gums, lips, and face.

Why should you consider dental implants in NE Calgary?

Don’t think of dental implants as replacement teeth. That narrow perspective hides the real power of implants. Implants are more than teeth; they’re actually replacement roots that your body accepts as natural tissue and that serve as versatile and powerful anchors for a wide variety of dental solutions.

Dental implants near you eliminate worry

If your tooth loss has caused you to hide your smile, or shrink from intimate moments and special occasions, you deserve a solution that lets you live your life fully and confidently again. Implants are an alternative to other less satisfactory solutions such as traditional dentures that often leave people nervous and insecure about the dentures’ fit and function.

With dental implants capped off with a perfectly crafted restoration, you’ll no longer feel like hiding your smile or anxious about living life fully. Implants are a giant leap forward from removable dentures that gradually lose their ideal fit over time due to changes to your jaw and gum tissue. With implants, your gums and jaw only change in one way — they get healthier, and the fit of those implants never changes.

Dental implants help you speak naturally

With tooth loss comes some loss of ability to speak clearly. If your professional or personal credibility relies on the ability to speak clearly, implants allow you to speak naturally, confidently, and credibly because there’ll be no loose or removable element in your mouth. Every piece of your mouth will be securely in place at all times and, after refreshing your ability to speak with a full set of teeth, every sound will again be within your reach.

Dental implants in NE Calgary help you live healthier

We hardly have to point out the tooth loss forces you to compromise your diet and your nutrition. Many people missing many teeth find themselves eating much less fruits, vegetables, and proteins and instead load up on softer and easier-to-chew staples like pastas. No one is going to argue the deliciousness of bingeing on carbohydrates, but it’s not the ideal route to a healthy diet or weight.

Opting for dental implants from a dental clinic near you will help you eat just like you used to — without sacrifice — and healthier, too! Studies have also shown a clear link between persistent missing teeth and increased rates of chronic health diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Dental implants eliminate persistent gaps in your jaw.

Dental implants in NE Calgary are strong and permanent

Titanium’s corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio means it is the ideal material to produce implants. Whereas the fit of dentures changes as your jaw and gums gradually deteriorate and even have to be replaced every decade, implants actually promote healthy jaws and will last a lifetime.

Implants from dental offices in NE Calgary permanently solve tooth loss — whether it’s one tooth, a couple teeth, or entire arches of missing teeth. You can find out how implants can help you as easily as contact a dentist near you.