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Some Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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whiten your teeth through cosmetic dentistry

We visit a dental clinic in NE Calgary for a variety of reasons. Each individual is encouraged to schedule an appointment with a dentist every six months. This appointment consists of a check-up and dental cleaning. Some people have dreaded going to dentists because of their fear of pain. Little did they know that a dentist can provide them with comfort and address their needs.

If you have not scheduled an appointment with your dentist yet, now is the best time to check out a dental clinic in NE Calgary. They have different services that you can book in terms of restorations, general treatment, and cosmetic dentistry needs. It is vital to receive all your cosmetic dental needs from a trained professional. When it comes to your body, safety, and health, the procedure should be handled by a professional. A good example and common reason why people see a dentist in NE Calgary is for whitening procedures. Our teeth can easily become discoloured as we age. While genes play an important factor in how our teeth look, other factors come into play. A good example would be the lifestyle choices we make. It can be the food we eat or the beverages we drink. Also, this will depend on if we smoke cigarettes or use tobacco.

Working on a Timeline

A dental office in NE Calgary can propose a plan of action depending on your timeline.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, you can always put on some lipstick and let the contrast make your teeth look whiter. Those who have yellow teeth can go for berry or pink colours as blue undertones are known to emphasize the white colour in the teeth. If your teeth seem grayish, you can always opt for a bronze or copper shade.

Set a meeting with your hygienist to get rid of the pellicle in your teeth. A pellicle is a natural film that builds up on top of the teeth. When this is removed, the teeth will appear to be brighter and cleaner. Usually, the biofilm comes back like a weed.

Flush and cleanse your mouth from morning coffee with water. Tea, coffee and wine are major causes of tooth discolouration. If you can’t remove this from your diet, you can simply rinse by drinking a glass of water after. You can also brush and floss after using such products to prevent them from sticking to your biofilm and causing discolouration.

If you can spare 5 days, you can always go see a dentist and schedule an in-office whitening session. This process may include a 35% carbamide peroxide gel applied to your teeth for two sessions. You will be surprised to see the changes that this can do.

It is also good to get an Oral B toothbrush. This is because the scrubbing motion can brighten your teeth and remove stains with the help of a whitening toothpaste. Whitening strips also help. This works best on teeth that are straight but you have to practice being cautious with the active ingredient as it can damage and irritate the gums.

If you can spend 5 weeks, it would be the perfect time to have custom-made whitening trays provided by a dentist in NE Calgary. This is known to be a safe approach to teeth whitening in NE Calgary. All you have to do is place a 10% carbamide peroxide gel in the tray and wear it for one to two hours a day. Results can become visible after a couple weeks of using it.

Since there are a lot of cosmetic dentistry procedures offered these days, you can also go ahead and book a consultation. A popular option known to many would be veneers. These are thin sheets of porcelain that are glued onto the teeth after teeth reduction. These look natural and can be customized to blend well with natural teeth.

How to Maintain White Teeth for a Long Time

It is always good to stick to practicing good oral habits. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. This gets rid of bacteria and prevents plaque build-up which may lead to worse dental problems like gum disease. Learn how to manage your lifestyle choices as this plays a huge part in the condition of your teeth. Also, make sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist in NE Calgary to receive an update on your overall dental health.