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How Can Sedation Dentistry Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety?

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sedation dentistry helps you overcome dental anxiety

Dentophobia is the official term for having a fear of the dentist. It’s perfectly fine if visiting the dentist isn’t your cup of tea; in fact, this is more common than one may think. However, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking and receiving the treatment that you need to preserve your oral health.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry is a fantastic option to consider in order to alleviate this problem. This process is safe for kids and adults alike. For more information about sedation dentistry in NE Calgary, contact our local dental practice.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a branch of dental care that deals with patients’ hesitations and fears when it comes to attending a dental appointment. This can encompass a wide range of things including feeling anxious over the sound of dental instruments, the sight and smells associated with a dental setting, sitting still in the chair, feeling like your space is being invaded by the hygienist, and being overly sensitive to a stranger’s touch.

Here at our dental clinic in NE Calgary, we understand this better than anyone. You deserve to feel at ease when you come in for your appointment, and our staff will make every effort to ensure this is the case. That’s why receiving sedation dentistry near you is recommended in situations like these. You’ll feel relaxed and calm and won’t experience any pain or stress while your dentist works.

The Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are four main types of sedation that you can receive. Always be sure to talk with a dentist near you prior to undergoing any treatment; they’ll be able to walk you through the process and identify which mode of sedation is best for you and your unique dental case.

1. Nitrous oxide.

More commonly known as “laughing gas,” this is designed to be inhaled through your nose and mouth. Nitrous oxide doesn’t put you to sleep. Instead, it creates a deep sense of relaxation. You’ll still be lucid enough to respond to questions from your dentist, but you won’t experience any pain.

2. Oral sedation.

When you opt to receive this form of sedation, you’ll be given a pill about an hour before your scheduled visit. You’ll feel drowsier compared to nitrous oxide, but again, you won’t feel any pain. Some people do fall asleep during their treatment.

The effects of oral sedation wear off quickly, so you’ll be able to get back to your day.

3. Intravenous sedation.

Often shortened to IV sedation, this is when the anesthesia is administered directly into your bloodstream through an injection. You’ll begin to feel the effects of the medication in no time. You’ll be quite sleepy and may even drift off, but you won’t be completely unconscious.

Dentists usually suggest this form of sedation to patients who suffer from higher anxiety than normal.

4. General anesthesia.

Most people are familiar with general anesthesia because it’s what’s administered in a hospital setting when you undergo surgery. You’ll be unconscious while your dentist performs your treatment and won’t remember much of the appointment. Your vitals will be closely monitored. That said, it’s a wise idea to have someone drive you home afterward.

Talk to your dentist to learn more about sedation dentistry in NE Calgary. They’ll be able to walk you through each approach and answer any questions or concerns you have.

You deserve to feel as comfortable and as content as possible when you visit the dentist. Here at Sunridge Landing Dental, we’re here to ensure that your experience is the best that it can be. Call, come in, or visit our website today!