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Common Signs That You Need a Root Canal

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common signs that you need a root canal

Some people shake at the thought of root canals. However, this procedure shouldn’t be as feared as it is. Actually, it is fairly simple and dentists perform it every day. Thanks to its invention, it is possible to preserve natural teeth even when they are severely compromised. In some cases, having root canal treatment in NE Calgary is the only way to salvage a tooth. In this article, you will find a few common signs that indicate that you may need to undergo this procedure.

1) A toothache that won’t go away

Having a toothache is very uncomfortable. There are a few things that can help to relieve the pain, such as ice packs and pain relievers. However, when the condition that is causing the pain is somewhat severe, the pain is hard to manage and won’t go away with these simple measures. If this happens, there is a probability that the tooth has some deep decay or even an infection, and the only way to treat it is by drilling a hole and extracting the infected tissue. This is why if you experience persistent pain in your teeth or gums, you should visit a dentist in NE Calgary and get examined.

2) Tooth decay

This is the most common reason why people need root canals. Cavities are not a static condition. On the contrary, they progress with time. When your teeth have cavities and these are not corrected when needed, the decay progresses through the different tissues and reaches the pulp, where the blood vessels and nerve lays. Once the infection reaches this site, the only way to treat it is with root canal therapy. After drilling the hole and extracting the tissue, your dentist disinfects the area, fills and seals the tooth, so that the problem will not reoccur.

3) Pay attention to your gums

We don’t often pay attention to our gums, but they are a direct reflection of our teeth’s health. If your gums are swollen, or have any bumps, you should go to a dental clinic near you. This may be a sign of infection and should not be taken lightly since it can compromise your teeth and surrounding tissues.

4) You have extremely sensitive teeth

Another reason for undergoing a root canal therapy in NE Calgary is having severe tooth sensitivity. When you are diagnosed with this condition, your dentist will offer a bunch of different therapeutic options. Some cases are so severe that none of these options work. When this happens, the patient can have root canal treatment to extract the nerve and not feel any pain at all.

5) You have a discoloured tooth

Not all tooth discolouration is the result of staining foods and drinks. Teeth whitening is not always the way to achieve white teeth. In some cases, when there is a pulp infection that has affected the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the tooth, it can become discoloured and acquire a grayish colour. This discolouration can only be treated with a root canal. It should alert any person or dentist about the existence of an underlying problem that needs to be treated before it gets worse.

6) Your tooth was chipped

Chipped teeth are fairly common. They are mostly caused by hard foods or trauma. Many times, when a tooth is chipped the nerve becomes exposed. In these cases, it is important to have root canal treatment to remove the nerve, fill in the tooth and preserve it.

7) Your tooth is moving

Sometimes, when teeth are infected they become loose. Thus, if you feel like one of your teeth has loosened, chances are it is infected and you need root canal therapy in NE Calgary.