NE Calgary Root Canal


The interior of the tooth, known as the “pulp”, is just as crucial to your oral health as the exterior enamel. Endodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with the tooth’s interior, and with maintaining its health in order to avoid decay and tooth loss.

The most common endodontic procedure is a root canal. Root canals are needed when decay from a cavity or cracked tooth reaches down to the root of the teeth, compromising the root and infecting the pulp with bacteria. This results in pain and infection, which must be treated by opening up the tooth to reach the interior. The root canal removes the infected pulp and nerve tissue, then disinfects the space before filling it. This procedure saves the tooth from the decay and loss that would result if left untreated, and preserves the look and function of the tooth as well. In some cases, the dentist might also recommend a crown to secure the tooth and protect it.

Root canals aren’t the daunting prospect they used to be! Technological and treatment advances have helped root canals become as routine as a cavity filling. Though they require special training and skill in order to perform, today’s root canals are easier on the patient than ever.

We perform our root canals the same way we perform all our procedures - with compassion and individualized care. Trust Sunridge Landing Dental Centre to give you top quality care, at every visit.

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