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At-Home Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Dental Office

home teeth whitening vs professional dental office

At-Home Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Dental Office

One of the most common cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening, is minimally invasive and reasonably priced. Although teeth whitening in NE Calgary does not provide a permanent fix for tooth discoloration, results are almost immediately visible and, with proper maintenance, can persist for several months. While most people think of in-office dental services when they…

teeth whitening is addictive

Is Teeth Whitening Addictive?

  Teeth whitening is not a new trend, but it is gaining popularity. With its affordability and easy accessibility, finding a dental office near you that can do it is simple. Drug stores are full of whitening toothpaste, bleaching kits, and lightening pens for DIY options you can try at home. A scary new obsession…